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Hi happy friends,

Have you ever noticed that the bible mention that love is first of all patient? When we talk about or describe something, we tend to put what is most important first. If I were to describe my wife, I would say that she is beautiful, because that word describes her best. Then I would continue and describe her as lovely, wonderful, an amazing woman who loves me and children, that she is a great cook and baker and so on.

Patience is such as important ingredient in love. And kindness is patience. When you are patient, you are kind, you will not take offence easily when you love someone, you will not remember for very long the wrongs that were done to you, you forgive, you will not hurt the one you love but rather, you protect. To really love is to persevere in love, you do not give up, you press on, you always hope for the best.


What is love?

1. Love is patient and love is kind. Kind in words and deeds.

2. Love does not envy.

3. It does not boast and it is not proud.

4. It is not self-seeking. It is self-giving.

5. It is not easily angered. You are always patient and understanding.

6. It does not keep records of wrong. You don’t bring them up. You forget.

7. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

8. It always protects.

9. Always trust, always hopes.

10. Always perseveres. You never give up.

Truly love and you will be happy.

Love NEVER fails.



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