Be proud of yourself

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What would you say if you were asked whether you are intelligent or not? Sir Ken Robinson asked his audience and not surprisingly, most voted themselves with average intelligence from a scale of 1-10. There are even a few who rate themselves at a scale of 2. He proposed that the right question to ask is “How are you intelligent?” Everyone is born with intelligence, everyone is intelligent in his and her own way. Intelligence cannot just be quantified with IQ and SAT scores. We are all made in the image of God and God is very intelligent. Have faith in yourself, your talent and your intelligence. We are all very intelligent. Be proud of yourself.

Be healthy and happy

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“Round is a shape. I am in shape”. Unknown

It is a matter of perspective, people. Fat people can be extremely happy people. They are people with lots of personality.

It is the mad world that worships the anorexic body, celebrating starvation in a modern world. Millions of people including children die each year because of lack of food, and in our rich and developed nations we are paying thousands and millions in medication and programmes to get slim!

Be absolutely happy and enjoy life. Be healthy and happy.

Happy Sunday!

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Happy Sunday!

We celebrate Tuesday, Friday and Sunday this week. Look at this week’s posts at We find every reason to celebrate. Why shouldn’t we? There is no stopping. We celebrate every new day. Everyday is a happy day if you want it to be. It can be a bad day too if you insist. But I choose to be happy. A happy person lives in a happy world. An unhappy person lives in an unhappy world. It is up to youuuuuuu.


Never Give Up

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Never give up


“Never, never give up”, Winston Churchill once said.

Don’t give yourself the option to exit and give up in achieving your goals in life. Once you set your target, stay focus and give it your best shot. Harness all your strength, energy, body and mind in working towards your dreams. A life pursuing and realising your dreams is a life well-lived. Never, never and never give up.

Think about this, if you give up the chance and opportunity you have right now, it may not come again in a million years! You may just give up at the time when you are going to win, and you don’t even know it. Then what should you do? Simple. Never give up.

I’m 8+ and my parents wanted me to perform in the school’s musical audition which you have to act! I did not want to participate as the training sessions for the musical clashed with my track n field training. I almost gave up on the musical but then I thought that the opportunity to perform in a school’s musical may not come again. So I finally said yes and I am going to perform soon. I have made the right choice and remember one thing: If you want to succeed ……..NEVER GIVE UP!

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