Be Happy (:

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Don't Be Gloomy, Be Happy


You are made to enjoy life to the fullest. You are bright and beautiful. You are talented and look great. But life is hard and difficult at times, you couldn’t cope, your smile turns to gloom like this little toy. The toy looks great, doesn’t it? Colorful and cute. It makes a great toy for children except that it is gloomy. A happy heart brings a happy cheer to yourself and others. A gloomy heart and face brings a gloomy life to your world. Take time to smile, take time to be happy. Life is too short and awesome to be gloomy. Be happy (:

Love Yourself

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Love for yourself, appreciate your talent and believe in yourself. Live to be approved by God and not man, for God is love and He accepts and loves you the way you are. If you live for man and his approval, you will be hurt and disappointed. It is very tiring to live a life to please people. We are all fallen people. Put your trust and faith in God who is perfect, and you will be able to be who you are and not try to be someone else. Then you will live a very happy life.

Set yourself free from the bondage of man. Do not allow others to manipulate and control you. You need the courage to stand up for what is right and to stand up for yourself. Be brave to resist big bullies and their demands, never give in and give up the fight. You are who you are, what is the problem? Of course no one is perfect and there are things that everyone needs to change. But haven’t you heard of the quote “Nobody is perfect and I am a nobody”?

Offer no apology for who you are, you are special and unique in your own ways. No one is like you. God has made you so special, so different and so precious. You are one of a kind. Receive this truth and set yourself free from the approval of man. Then you will be happy.


Happiness is within

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“Happiness is within”. 

Lori Moreno

Look at snoopy, he is so happy. Happiness is from within, how true. A happy person lives in a happy world and an unhappy person lives in an unhappy world. If in your inner world you are happy, then your outer world will be also. Take time to be happy, make an effort to be happy and start by making the decision to be happy. It is a conscious choice. Plant the seed of happiness in your life, water it, scatter sunshine and it will grow. Life is too short and precious to be sad, depressed and negative. No one and no circumstance can stop you from being happy from within. All the best to you to be happy. Andrew Kang

Speak from the heart

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“When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.”

Milan Kundear, The Unbearable Lightness of Being


Be always confident and positive, be always brave regardless.

Always speak with and from your heart. Everything is possible when it comes from your heart.

Speak from the mind and it touches the minds, speak from the heart and it touches the hearts.

I came across this beautiful video of Musharaf “Mushy” Asghar on Educating Yorkshire, who was bullied because of his stammer. His teacher helped him to overcome his difficulty and he gained the confidence to speak in front of his class. He received a standing ovation.

Watch the video

Speak with your heart, love with your heart and live with your heart.

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Be like a little child

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“Be like a little child”

A child knows very little about worry. He does not worry about what he wears, about his next meal and about tomorrow.

A child is in no hurry. He has all the time to sleep, play and eat. He freely spends his time.

A child says no sorry. To him, the world is a lovely place, full of love and laughter where no body gets hurt.

This is a picture of my son Daniel, 3 years of age. He plays, eats and he is happy everyday. He has no worries! He is in no hurry and he says no sorry even when he is in the wrong. He is an innocent child, everything in the world seems perfect. He enjoys the world and the world enjoys him. He is happy.

Be like a little child, be happy no matter what.






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