Shut out the past!

Shut out all of your past except that which help you weather your tomorrows.

Sir William Osler

To many people, the past is a BIG giant to overcome. Past issues like problems, hurts, offences and painful memories are so difficult to forgive and forget. We are crippled and handicapped by past issues as they cling onto us like leeches, sucking our blood and draining life out of us. If you can’t let the past go, the past can’t let you go. You hold on to the past, the past hold on to you. It is mutual. Unless and until you decide that no longer will you live in the past, and that you are tired and sick of these ” leeches”, you will not succeed. You have to be whole hearted in this, to ensure you “break off” the relationship once and for all and not to think of your “ex” any longer. But rest assured that your “ex” will not let you go easily. Very frequently, he will come by the door of your heart and knock gently. At other times, he will come violently and get aggressive. Once you allow entry, it is very hard for him to leave. He is strong and would hold on to you tightly till you succumb and have you submit to him fully. There, you get hurt again and again and he will leave you helpless and hopeless. His ultimate desire is to plant thoughts of deep brokeness to destroy you and your loved ones and plant thoughts of suicide deep inside you. Take heed my friend to “shut out all your past except that which help you weather your tomorrows”. Chief Happiness Officer Andrew k

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