Set your eyes on your goals

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

Henry Ford

When you lose sight of your goal, you lose sight of yourself, you lose sight of the shore, your destination, your destiny.

Do you have a goal? Do you have a purpose in life that gives you meaning and drive each day? Many wake up every morning without a purpose, without a goal, without an end in mind. Do you have a compelling goal that fires you up everyday? A goal that so fill your mind and life, a goal so compelling and forceful that drives and pushes you to do your best, to give your all.

A compelling goal has several characteristics:

1. A goal has to be bigger than yourself. Don’t just set goals to please yourself only. “I want a better life”, “I want to earn such and such amount of money”. There is nothing wrong with these kinds of goal other than it only pleases you. Try attaching more meaning to it and say “I want to earn more so that my family can have a better life”. That gives added and tremendous meaning to your goal. Then your goal is bigger than yourself.

2. A goal has to be BIG! A BIG GOAL gives BIG power and energy to the one who has set his eyes on it, and a small goal gives small amount of power and energy. The BIGGER your goal, the BIGGER your power! The BIGGER the meaning. I have set myself a goal of helping to change the world by helping to be happy! I want to contribute to help the world to be happy. There are too many unhappy, negative and depressed people in the world, and my goal is to help change that! Woohoo! How cool is my goal???

3. A goal has to be compelling for you. Find and search for your own goal, a goal that compels, drives and motivate you. A goal you are born to pursue and achieve. A calling, a high order for you from a supreme being high above man. That calling is for you, it is the reason for your existence. It is the code, the meaning, the ethos by which you live.

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