Give yourself permission to dream. Michael Hyatt

Don’t let anyone or anything limit or kill your dream. You have the right to dream dreams. Every great book, business, product in this entire world starts with a great idea and dream. Very often, it is very likely only you would believe in your dream. Everyone else will sneer at you and give you a disbelief look. You will either get an apologetic smile from your friends or get criticize by your spouse! “This guy is crazy, get real”. Many people will brush you aside. But who cares? It is not their dream! You can’t blame them.

Believe in your dream. Very young children will believe you as they have not been contaminated and constraint by this doubting and negative world. When I share my dreams with my four young children, they believe every word I say! They will go wow! They believe every word and dream I have, it is very empowering for me. So next time if you want to share your dream, share it with young children.

If you reach this stage of criticism, you are at the right place, your dream is perfect as you have pitched your dream high enough. Aim low boring, aim high, soaring! (Charles Swindoll) You are now all set to go. Achieve your dream and have the last laugh! Silent all critics, that is your best message! All the best in your great journey!

Happy dreaming,
Andrew Kang

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