As you think, so shall it be.

If you think of your problem as so BIG and cannot be overcome, so shall it be. To each according to how he thinks about it, so shall it be. It is a self- fulfilling prophecy. The problem you have will become exactly as how you see it in your mind. Don’t get defeated even before you go to war!

But if see your problem as surmountable, as a challenge in life that can be overcome, as part and parcel of life, as “no big deal” as everyone faces problems everyday, as so small when you compare with the problems face by people in war torn countries, children dying from starvation and people living in places without access to clean water and even proper sanitation, so shall it be. Your problem becomes smaller and smaller.

Be positive, confident of your ability to overcome, resolve to tackle and confront your enemies with great strength and power God has given you.

Change the way you think, that life is beautiful, worth living, fun and enjoyable, wonderful. As you think, so shall it be. Your life will be as colourful as you think it to be. It is a self- fulfilling prophecy. When you think this way, and train yourself to think this way everyday of your life, the battle is won! Then love, joy and peace is guaranteed to fill your life. Your thoughts will determine your life. Your thoughts determines your mood for the day. Your thoughts determine your success in life.

Happy thinking,
Chief Happiness Officer
Andrew Kang

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