Happiness is within

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“Happiness is within”. 

Lori Moreno

Look at snoopy, he is so happy. Happiness is from within, how true. A happy person lives in a happy world and an unhappy person lives in an unhappy world. If in your inner world you are happy, then your outer world will be also. Take time to be happy, make an effort to be happy and start by making the decision to be happy. It is a conscious choice. Plant the seed of happiness in your life, water it, scatter sunshine and it will grow. Life is too short and precious to be sad, depressed and negative. No one and no circumstance can stop you from being happy from within. All the best to you to be happy. Andrew Kang

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Andrew Kang

A teacher, a blogger, a life coach and author of ahappyheart. A happy husband to Jessica and a happy daddy to Elizabeth, Judah, Avigail and Daniel. A firm believer in the power of positive thinking, a visionary to contribute to a happy world and an advocate and activist of happiness.

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