Love Yourself

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Love for yourself, appreciate your talent and believe in yourself. Live to be approved by God and not man, for God is love and He accepts and loves you the way you are. If you live for man and his approval, you will be hurt and disappointed. It is very tiring to live a life to please people. We are all fallen people. Put your trust and faith in God who is perfect, and you will be able to be who you are and not try to be someone else. Then you will live a very happy life.

Set yourself free from the bondage of man. Do not allow others to manipulate and control you. You need the courage to stand up for what is right and to stand up for yourself. Be brave to resist big bullies and their demands, never give in and give up the fight. You are who you are, what is the problem? Of course no one is perfect and there are things that everyone needs to change. But haven’t you heard of the quote “Nobody is perfect and I am a nobody”?

Offer no apology for who you are, you are special and unique in your own ways. No one is like you. God has made you so special, so different and so precious. You are one of a kind. Receive this truth and set yourself free from the approval of man. Then you will be happy.


Never Give Up

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Never give up


“Never, never give up”, Winston Churchill once said.

Don’t give yourself the option to exit and give up in achieving your goals in life. Once you set your target, stay focus and give it your best shot. Harness all your strength, energy, body and mind in working towards your dreams. A life pursuing and realising your dreams is a life well-lived. Never, never and never give up.

Think about this, if you give up the chance and opportunity you have right now, it may not come again in a million years! You may just give up at the time when you are going to win, and you don’t even know it. Then what should you do? Simple. Never give up.

I’m 8+ and my parents wanted me to perform in the school’s musical audition which you have to act! I did not want to participate as the training sessions for the musical clashed with my track n field training. I almost gave up on the musical but then I thought that the opportunity to perform in a school’s musical may not come again. So I finally said yes and I am going to perform soon. I have made the right choice and remember one thing: If you want to succeed ……..NEVER GIVE UP!

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Grow through life

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Are you just ‘going through’ life? Just surviving. Is your life “average”?

Do you want to prosper and grow through life?

Think about how you want to grow and glow through life. Make a conscious decision today to prosper in life. Start with a thought, then make a decision and act upon it everyday and you will be prosperous and successful.

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