A Happy Heart Book

A Happy Heart book contains words of wisdom to help people live a happy life. Far too many people in this world suffer from living an unhappy, negative and depressing life. An unhappy life is an unproductive life. We need to live in the power of a happy and positive life, we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be happy and successful. An unhappy life drains all energy and life out of us, we become crippled and helpless, paralysed by worries and fears. Our lives are constantly filled with negative thoughts and very often, we can’t seem to get out of this imprisonment.

A happy heart book will help you change your mindset. Your mind is the battle field, the war zone where all ‘fighting’ takes place. You must replace all negativity with positivity, you must constantly allow fruitful and positive thoughts to flow into your mind. Negative and unhappy thoughts are liked poisons, attacking the mind and then very quickly attacking your heart, which is your emotions and your will to live. When your heart is poisoned, you lose all hopes and life becomes so meaningless.

This book will empower your life, drive you towards fruitfulness and victories and help you live a happy life. You will experience a mind change and a ‘heart transplant’, to give you a new heart. A happy heart will bring happiness to yourself and your loved ones. A happy heart is a healthy heart, it will enable you to enjoy life, enjoy your work, enjoy your friends and loved ones. You will experience the joy of living, the joy of simple things and the joy of laughing again. A happy heart will help you live a successful life. A happy heart will attract people to you, you will enjoy many friendships and your relationships will prosper, you will attract health and wealth, jobs’ opportunities, promotions and more.

Take time each day to grow a happy heart and let it flourish and bloom so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.



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